Data Privacy

We take your privacy very seriously and understand how important it is to you!

The Keepboard app does NOT record, read nor view any of your texts, messages, photos, or any content on your phone.

Our unique technology allows you to bookmark specific messages and photos to assist with grouping similarly themed messages together, thereby making them easier to find later. Your Keepboard hashtags are stored on our private servers and are password protected.

The only data we have are the hashtags that you add to your library, including the description and/or icon pictures that you may have assigned.

The only other data we collect is your account registration information, device details, Keepboard app analytics (such as frequency of use), and support requests. This information is needed to improve the functioning of the app, and maintain your security.

We do use social authentication to allow people to easily create an account and login without having to remember a new account. But, as with any such login, that will share your Google or Facebook information with us. Alternatively, you may create an account and login with your name and your chosen password.

The Keepboard app does NOT and NEVER will disclose or share your information with third parties, except as noted in our Privacy Policy.

Similarly, GoKeeps, Inc, the parent company, does not have any form of access to your data, nor reads nor views any of the content on your phone.

If you ever choose to deactivate your account we will dispose of all your data within ten days or less of receiving your notice.

Keepboard bookmarks messages, texts and SMS from all these Apps ... and more!

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