Answers to common questions we get on how to use Keepboard.

Using Keepboard :: Keyboard
  1. Open the messaging app you are using, such as Messages or Whatsapp.
  2. Touch and hold the Globe button (#2)
  3. Select Keepboard from the pop-up menu box.  (#3)

Yes!  You can toggle on as many hashtags as you like when bookmarking your messages.  

Totally up to you.  You can use Keepboard to insert hashtags at any point in your message. 

The slider is a tool to annotate your bookmark with the number of messages that you feel are worthy of including.  This is useful if you want to bookmark a conversation at the end of sending and receiving several messages. 

There is very little difference in functionality between the Keepboard iMessage extension (indicated by the yellow arrow) and the keyboard (globe button).  It's just a matter of personal preference and which is more convenient for you to use. Either will enable you to access Keepboard to insert a hashtag into your conversation.  

Tip:  If you use the iMessage extension, for some people it feels a bit quicker to access Keepboard to insert a hashtag, and then switch back to another keyboard.

To find the instances where you used one of your hashtags:

  • Open the search feature in the messaging app. 
  • Open the Keepboard keyboard (by clicking on the globe icon or on the Keepboard icon in the iMessage extension).
  • Toggle on the hashtag you want to find and click Insert. And boom! All the instances where you used that hashtag will show up!  

It is not recommended to use the slider when searching.  

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