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Getting Started

We understand you might be thinking, “Hashtags? I thought they were for using onTwitter or Instagram?” You’re right. Hashtags are labels used on social media sites that make it easier to find posts or information with a shared theme or containing specific content.

Since hashtags are popular on social media, we thought they’d also be perfectly suited for organizing your texts & chat messages.  That’s why we chose to use them when designing Keepboard.  

Just like on social media, Keepboard hashtags are labels that make it a lot easier to search for the messages that you’ve bookmarked.  

You can even use the Keepboard keyboard while you’re on social media to add hashtags to your posts to save you from having to type them in each time.

For a few years now, Apple has allowed third-party keyboards to be installed on iPhones and IPads.  Third-party simply means they were not developed by Apple and therefore aren’t bundled with the iOS.  Since allowing for these types of keyboards many have been developed and are available in the app store.  Typically, third-party keyboards have special functionality or additional features that are not included in the Apple keyboards.

Keepboard is an example of a third-party keyboard designed with special features and functionality to insert hashtags into messaging app conversations and search fields.  

Keepboard does NOT record, nor has any visibility, to your texts or any of your messages.  The only data we have are the hashtags that you add to your library, including the description and/or icon pictures that you may have assigned.  

Keepster does NOT and will NEVER share any of your data with any third-parties.  We do use social authentication to allow people to easily create an account and login without having to remember a new account.  But, as with any such login, that would share your Google or Facebook information with us.

Keepboard does NOT have any access to your messages whatsoever. As far as Keepboard is concerned, your messages remain fully private.

Keepboard is designed to bookmark messages in chat apps like iMessage, WhatsApp, Viber, Hike, and Line. However, Keepboard can also be handy to insert hashtags in social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Keepboard needs full access so that the keyboard can access the internet and download the customizations and images that you choose to personalize your library of hashtags.  Keepboard can NOT read or access your messages or anything you type using your iPhone keyboard.

When you enable Full Access, the message that appears on screen will exist in the standard pop-up form from Apple, the same as with any keyboard that connects to the internet. Please read our Privacy Policy for more information about how we respect your privacy.

  1. Open the Keepboard app. On the home screen, in the menu bar below, 
  2. Tap the Install button to open the How to Install screen 
  3. Tap the purple Open Settings button
  4. Tap the Keyboards button
  5. Toggle on Keepboard
  6. Toggle on Allow Full Access

YES!  While we hope you'll find Keepster useful use, and that you won't want to uninstall from your phone, we are compliant with GDPR laws.  Simply send an email to and request that your account be deleted.  Our support team will reply confirming the request has been completed.  For more details, see our Terms & Conditions.

There are two main components to Keepboard:

  1. Keepboard App:  This is where you manage your hashtag library and account.   You can add, edit and remove your hashtags.  You can also view useful information like help, FAQs or Terms & Conditions.  Also, you can log out if you ever wish to do so.  You DO NOT need to use the app to insert hashtags into your texts or chat.  For that, you use the keyboard.
  2. Keepboard Keyboard:  This is how you use Keepboard to insert your hashtags, when messaging or chatting using apps like iMessage, WhatsApp and many more.  When you switch to the Keepboard keyboard you will see your library of hashtags and features to bookmark your messages.  You can not edit or manage your hashtags from the keyboard. 

To start using the Keepboard Keyboard:

  1. Switch to the Keepboard Keyboard
    • Go to any messaging platform e.g. iMessage, Whatsapp or even Instagram, Twitter etc.
    • When your cursor is in position to begin typing you'll notice that a Globe icon appears in the lower-left of your screen.  Touch and hold the Globe button (#2).
    • A pop-up menu box will appear. Click on Keepboard (#3) to select and activate Keepboard.

  2. Choose the hashtags 
    • Toggle on the one(s) on your list that you’d like to use.
    • You can also use the slider to select the number of messages you’d like to bookmark in messaging conversations.
  3. Press Insert! 
    • That will automatically insert your hashtags to bookmark your message.
    • Click on the arrow or on Post to send.

Keepboard bookmarks messages, texts and SMS from all these Apps ... and more!

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