Answers to common questions we get on how to use Keepboard.

Using Keepboard :: App

Choosing that option makes it easier for you to log into Keepboard, as you can use the same username and password you use for Google and/or Facebook.  Basically, just one less username and password for you to remember!

Since Keepboard is all about all things messaging, we would like to have your phone number so we can send you information or special offers.  We promise not to spam your phone with text messages!

The Keepster team is always researching trending topics and themes that would make for a good or useful hashtag.  We have created suggestions to make it super easy to add to your personal library of hashtags.

Yes!  Once you add a suggested hashtag to your personal library you can change everything; including the photo and description.

Yes, at any point you choose you can change the name, the emojis, tile, color or thumbnail image. The point is to really make each hashtag your very own!

When you get started using Keepboard, you are able to have up to 20 active hashtags.  If you need more than 20 hashtags, please email us at to request a Power User upgrade.

The heart icon marks a hashtag as one of your favorites.  Once marked as a favorite, the hashtag will appear at the top of the list in your library of hashtags.  If you have more than one favorite hashtag, they will appear at the top of the list, in alphabetical order.

When you include a hashtag in a chat it remains as part of your conversation.  If you then choose to delete or alter your hashtag, it will have no effect on the ones you've previously used.

First, go to the Keepboard home screen. Click on the + sign.  Then click on the “Create from Scratch” button.  Next, type in a hashtag name, short description, choose a thumbnail image if you like, and select a tile color.  Finally, hit “Save Hashtag” to add your new custom hashtag to your library.

Here are some tips for creating your own hashtags:

  • Hashtag name:  use a single word or any combination of letters, numbers or emojis, without any spaces.  We don't recommend using punctuation like periods or commas in your hashtag names. 
  • Hashtag description (optional):  this is just a little reminder for yourself about the theme or meaning of your hashtag.  Whatever you type here shows up on the hashtag tile when viewing in the Keepboard app.
  • Thumbnail image:  this is a fun way to personalize your hashtag.  The pic you select appears on the hashtag tile in the app and keyboard.  Simply press the “Replace Image” button and choose a pic from your camera roll.  You can adjust the image so it fits into the square shape of the thumbnail.  
  • Tile color:  this is another fun way to personalize your hashtag.  Just click the color you want.  We have 10 different colors to choose from.  

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